BJCP Project

I'm brewing my way through the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) Styles, and documenting the process. Each style will have a link to the BJCP page, and to its corresponding blog post (if I've brewed the beer).

Update 2022-9-14: The 2021 Style Guidelines have been released (12/2021) and I will be slowly updating the list so the BJCP links go to 2021 instead of the 2015 versions. I will also update to put things in their new spots and/or names where necessary.  

  • Follow the style guide as close as possible. Barring any unexpected over/under attenuations, the final product should be to style. No weird tweaks, no "unique twists."
  • Use house yeasts and supplies when possible. I'm not going to purchase 20 different lager yeasts when my standard W34/70 will produce a result 99% indistinguishable from the original.   
  • Some of these styles I've never even heard of upon taking on this project. In these cases, I'll try to find a commercially available sample, then go for a clone recipe. 
  • If a brew fits 2 or more styles I'm going with it. Such entries are marked with (*).
    See: 25C Belgian Strong Golden and 34A Clone Beer (Duvel)

☑ Standard American Beer
☑ International Lager
 Smoked Beer

Credit: This layout is mostly copied from, the original is here.