5C - German Helles Export

BJCP Style: 5C - German Helles Export

I've pretty much made this beer a few times in the past as a Festbier, but this time I'm going down the middle for the Helles Export or Dortmunder style. There's a lot of overlap but typically the Dortmunder is lower ABV than a Festbier.

And this will be the last of the 34/70 funky yeast tests. I'm pitching 2 jars of slurry this time (saved from the fresh packet brew from the last test) in hopes of ruling out or confirming the underpitch theory. If this one comes out funked then I know there is a Wild Thing at work. The "House Yeast" if you will.

2019-10-20: results - This came out NOT funky! Apparently pitching 2 jars of yeast slurry did the trick when 1 jar results in a sub-par final product. It's only been kegged a day but so far it's tasting like it should. No off flavors jumping out and it should be nice and clear in a couple of weeks.

The full recipe is on BrewersFriend but  here's the TL;DR
  • Brewday: 2019-10-6
  • Malts: CO Proximity Pils, Munich
  • Hops: [Magnum] (Sterling)
  • Yeast: ~1.6L (2 jars) of saved slurry from a pilsner 
  • OG: 13.6°; FG: 1.5°P; ABV: 6.5%
  • Kegged: 2019-10-19
milled grains

mash temp

boil getting started


wort sample

Floor Manager Steve working outside

OG came in a tad higher than expected but within style

The 2 jars of yeast slurry pitched to the fermenter for this round of hopefully-not-funked lager...

Away we go

2019-10-7 (+1): airlock activity

2019-10-20 (+14): sample with label

2019-10-23 (+17): slow pour in a stange glass. Has a ways to go before full clarity but looking pretty good for just under a week in the keg.

2019-10-26 (+20): bit more clear. getting there...

2019-10-29 (+23): 3 days since the above pic and noticeably more clear; also the keg is getting low...