27A - Piwo Grodziskie

BJCP Style: 27A (Historical) - Piwo Grodziskie

100% wheat malt, some or all oak smoked, Piwo Grodziskie (grow-G-ski-uh) is a unique smoky yet crushable beer style from Poland. 

Full Recipe is on BrewersFriend but here's the TL;DR

  • 2021-7-7: brew day
  • Malts: Oak Smoked Wheat, Red Wheat
  • Hops: Magnum, Spalt
  • Yeast: SafAle K-97
  • OG: 8.2°P; FG: 1.8°P; ABV: 3.4%
  • 2021-7-15 (+7): keg secondary
  • 2021-7-22 (+14): tapped
First up: a sample of the style from Diebolt brewing in Denver. Well done, nice smoke character, and very drinkable. I believe the ABV on this was around 3.7%. In the background you can see their pronunciation guide: "Grow-G-Ski-Ugh"

Primary malt: oak smoked wheat

My collection of wheat malts. Didn't end up using the regular, just smoked and red.

Brew session beer: Maibock from Liquid Mechanics

100% wheat in the mill. It wasn't happy about it but it milled!


Going basic German hops: Magnum (first wort) and a bit of Spalt (flameout)

Mash temp

Floor Manager Steve

Getting the boil on

Dry German ale yeast

OG looking like 8.2°P which is a bit higher than expected but fine for the style

Away we go

2021-7-15 (+7): transferred to keg secondary and gravity check. Looking like 1.007 or 1.8°P and 3.4% ABV.

2021-7-24 (+16): tapped, gelatin added, and burst carbonated. Tasting like I think it should based on very limited examples I've tried. Smoky yet refreshing. 

2021-7-29 (+21): About as clear as it's going to get. Final shot. Had to let it warm up then punch with some foam to get this pic without condensation. This came together really well. The smoke flavor is present but not overpowering. All wheat malt gives it a full mouthfeel and body.