23E - Gueuze

BJCP Style: 23E - Gueuze

After about 5 years on with the BJCP project, this is the Final Boss: the Gueuze (not 100% accurate: I still have to do an Oud Bruin which will go on the same souring blend). This is supposed to be a blend of 1, 2, and 3 year lambics but I cheated and am using sequential batches of the Wild American mixed fermentation brew that has been going for over a year now. 

There is no recipe as I just mixed various amounts of all three batches together in a keg. If you want to see recipe, souring bugs, process, check the link above. 

This all went in a 6L keg which will go on the Impermanence (blended) spot in the keezer which is a shelf and can only hold up to a 10L keg. I'll package up half in top quality screw-top cans (Miller Light) and enjoy the rest form the tap. 

  • 2022-7-7: Assembled/Blended
  • Batch brew dates and amounts: 
    • Batch 1: 2021-3-31 (800ml; 13%)
    • Batch 2: 2021-9-1 (2L; 33%)
    • Batch 3: 2022-3-10 (3.2L; 53%)
  • Soured with: Russian River Beatification bottle dregs; (Brett added for batch 3)
  • 2022-7-17: Tapped
I wasn't sure how much pressure (if any) would have built up in the containers so they spent some time in the freezer first. All were fine and I didn't have any explosions.  

Out of the freezer and ready to go into the keg. The small can from 2021-9-21 did NOT keep well and once I noticed the distinct purple color of severe oxidation I dumped it. So there is only about 800ml of batch #1 in this blend. 

Most of the blend came from batch #3 which was just tapped and still. This worked great since I didn't have to deal with any foam issues. 

2022-7-18 (+11 from blending): Already clear and distinctly different from batch #3 which is on currently. There's a bit of nuttiness in the malt character which is interesting. 

2022-7-22 (+15 from blending): We don't skimp on packaging around here. Only the best.