23E - Gueuze

BJCP Style: 23E - Gueuze

After about 5 years on with the BJCP project, this is the Final Boss: the Gueuze (not 100% accurate: I still have to do an Oud Bruin which will go on the same souring blend). This is supposed to be a blend of 1, 2, and 3 year lambics but I cheated and am using sequential batches of the Wild American mixed fermentation brew that has been going for over a year now. 

There is no recipe as I just mixed various amounts of all three batches together in a keg. If you want to see recipe, souring bugs, process, check the link above. 

This all went in a 6L keg which will go on the Impermanence (blended) spot in the keezer which is a shelf and can only hold up to a 10L keg. I'll package up half in top quality screw-top cans (Miller Light) and enjoy the rest form the tap. 

  • 2022-7-7: Assembled/Blended
  • Batch brew dates and amounts: 
    • Batch 1: 2021-3-31 (800ml; 13%)
    • Batch 2: 2021-9-1 (2L; 33%)
    • Batch 3: 2022-3-10 (3.2L; 53%)
  • Soured with: Russian River Beatification bottle dregs; (Brett added for batch 3)
  • 2022-7-17: Tapped
I wasn't sure how much pressure (if any) would have built up in the containers so they spent some time in the freezer first. All were fine and I didn't have any explosions.  

Out of the freezer and ready to go into the keg. The small can from 2021-9-21 did NOT keep well and once I noticed the distinct purple color of severe oxidation I dumped it. So there is only about 800ml of batch #1 in this blend. 

Most of the blend came from batch #3 which was just tapped and still. This worked great since I didn't have to deal with any foam issues. 

2022-7-18 (+11 from blending): Already clear and distinctly different from batch #3 which is on currently. There's a bit of nuttiness in the malt character which is interesting. 

2022-7-22 (+15 from blending): We don't skimp on packaging around here. Only the best. 

2022-11-8 (+125): Very clear with tart lemony flavors and not too much sourness. There is some slight oxidation (purple tint) which might be from the little bit of the contaminated can that got blended in before I caught it. Overall tasting nice and I don't get any detracting flavors from the oxy.