Parti-Gyle Tiny Beer AKA Hop Water

I got the idea for this from a Clawhammer Supply video where they took the spent grains from a regular beer, re-sparged and used the wort to make a hop water. Seemed worth a shot so I used my 100% Pilsner spent grain from making a Trappist Single. I got way more out of it than expected! 

Here's the TL;DR

  • 2022-6-22: brew day
  • Malt: Weyermann Pils (2nd runnings)
  • Hop: Galaxy (10g hop stand < 70°C)
  • Yeast: Lallemand Köln
  • OG: 3°P; FG 0.77°P; ABV: 1.2%
  • 2022-6-29: tapped
Bag of grains from the previous brew 

Sparged until I got 20L or so in the kettle

Left the chiller in there...

Tried adding some lemon juice but it didn't do anything for the pH. I'll try more next time.

Full boil probably not necessary so I held it at 82°C for 5 min before chilling.

added a bit of saved yeast (Lallemand Köln)

Hop stand with 10g of Galaxy at < 70°C

Got much more sugar out of those grains than expected. In the video they were suggesting 1.005 (1.3°P) starting gravity.... oops.

2022-6-29 (+7): Next time I'll wait 24hrs before trying to sample. This was just spitting out foam for the first 12hrs or so. 

Starting to calm down and pouring pretty good with much less foam. 

2022-6-30 (+8): Next day we have hoppy "Tiny Beer!" Taste is good - still a bit yeasty and cloudy but hopefully it will clear up in the next week or so. 

2022-7-6 (+14): Still cloudy but clearing up. No longer taste like yeast and there's no hop bite at all. This is rather pleasant to drink on. 

2022-11-27 (+159): well there it is: I should have packaged the entire batch. Nearly 5 months after canning this is a very good hop water, as in, commercial quality. Mild hop aroma and flavor, decent amount of body, and a hint of tartness. If I do this again it will definitely need to condition a long time before serving.