25C - Belgian Golden Strong - BSG

Style: 25C - Belgian Golden Strong, 34A - Clone Beer (Duvel)

I brewed this back in June and after a long time in the keg it hit its stride around 2 months later. I have since brewed a "Tripel Hop" version which I left in the fermenter a full month before kegging with better results.

Full recipe on Brewer's Friend, here's the TL;DR:
  • Brew day: 2017-6-18
  • 24L batch, BIAB
  • Fermentables: 6 kg Pilsner (90%), 670g sugar (10%)
  • Hops: 20g Magnum FWH, 60g Saphir 5 min
  • Yeast: Wyeast 1388 - Belgian Strong
  • mashed at 68.5 C for 60 min
  • OG 1.072, FG 1.009, ABV 8.3%

This was one of the first brews where I got to use our new pot filler:

Chilling with the pot filler. Much nicer than running the garden hose in from outside.

Into the fermenter

This beer went through many phases in the keg, from hazy/yeasty to boozy, to "a little rough around the edges," then finally to crisp and clean with minimal booziness. The end result was a great beer that I will make again with the knowledge that it will take time to reach its full potential.