15B - Irish Stout

Style: 15B - Irish Stout

Standard Irish Stout. I've made this a bunch and am following the basic 70/20/10 rule for base grain/flaked barley/black barley (or roasted or chocolate). Though I am about to make another one soon, this is a batch I did back in January of 2017.

Full recipe is on brewersfriend.com, but here's the TL;DR
  • Brew day: 2017-1-7
  • 24L batch, 30m boil
  • grains: 70% 2-row, 20% flaked barley, 10% roasted barley
  • hops: 25g Magnum @ FWH
Brew notes
  • expected efficiency: 78; actual: 73
  • 24g magnum
  • ran out of 2-row, using MO for base
  • heated to 70, mashing at 67
  • finished with OG 37 and 23L
  • pitched US-05 
  • FG 8, ABV 3.8% 

Grain bag in for the mash + bacon

Flame on! This was one of the first brews on the new gas range

Before I got the pot filler hooked up I had to run the garden hose in for chilling

And the final product. Came out pretty tasty but I do prefer S-04 over US-05 and will use it next time.
nitro pour

This is a great brew for the nitro tap and I try to have some on most of the time. Currently I have an imperial stout on there but will replace it with a new dry stout soon.