21B - Specialty IPA - Belgian IPA - 3x BSG

Style: 21B - Specialty IPA - Belgian IPA

I've always loved Duvel's Tripel Hop and made this based on that profile.

Full recipe is on brewersfriend.com but here's the TL;DR
  • brew day: 2017-9-17; kegged: 2017-10-16
  • 24L batch, 30m boil
  • fermentables: Pilsner, Sugar (20%)
  • hops: 20g Magnum FWH, 120g Saaz @ 5m, 240g Centennial 4 day dry-hop
  • yeast: Wyeast 1388 Belgian Strong
Brew notes
  • expected efficiency: 78, actual 74.6
  • OG (hydrometer) 1.076
  • FG (h) 1.003, FG (brix) 7.5; ABV 9.7%
  • mashed around 68C
  • 10/9 dryhop: 240g Centennial
  • 10/14 cold crash; 10/15 gelatin; 10/16 kegged; surprisingly clear. not 100% but maybe 90%.  

Milling some Pilsner malt

OG Hydrometer reading after adjusting for temp was 1.076

FG hydrometer reading

Kegged and mostly clear - no carbonation yet

About 3 weeks after kegging. Mostly clear but still has a bit to go. 

2017-11-5: Very clear (I'll get a new pic up soon), almost 100%. This will continue to improve, and has so far. Big hop presence in flavor and aroma. Slight booziness that should fade but not unexpected for 9.7% ABV. The final product is more IPA than Belgian even though the recipe is based on a Belgian Strong Golden. 

I plan to make this again and change up the dry-hops. The most popular Duvel Tripel Hop release was with Citra which is worth a go because who doesn't like Citra?
*UPDATE: see 2020-3-14: Citra Belgian Blond 

2017-11-15 - lots of carbonation (too much! but ok with the intertap flow control faucet)