27A - Lichtenhainer

BJCP Style: 27A (historical beer) - Lichtenhainer

From BJCP: "Smoke and sour is an unusual combination that is not for everyone."

Smoke and Sour? What is this wacky business? Let's do it!

Full recipe is on BrewersFriend but here's the TL;DR

  • 2021-4-20: brew day
  • Malts: Weyermann Wheat, Pils, Munich, Rauch (beech smoked)
  • Hop: Magnum
  • Yeast: Lallemand Philly Sour
  • OG: 9°P; FG 2°P; ABV: 3.7%
  • 2021-4-28 (+8): transferred to keg secondary
  • 2021-5-2 (+12): moved to keezer
Weyermann Rauch malt made up 13% of the total. In the past I found that to contribute a good smoky flavor without being too overpowering.  

Grains: all Weyermann: Pils, Wheat, Munich, Rauch


Mash temp


I've been doing a "fast chill" on brews I can pitch yeast the next day. It's super fast and saves a ton of water. By morning it's chilled to where it needs to be and I can pitch yeast.

OG right on target at 9°P - although I ended up with 1L more wort than expected so looks like efficiency was higher than expected. 

2021-4-21 (+1): Yeast pitch time and Floor Manager Steve is here for it.

Philly Sour yeast has been producing some pretty tasty quick sours. A bit of a cheat, but it's super easy and doesn't add to the typical brew process. The sourness level it has produced has been adequate at times, and not perceptible at others. If the yeast fails to get the desired sourness level I can adjust with lactic acid. 

One might argue that if you're adjusting with LA anyway why not use a clean yeast and add all the sourness with LA? My only reason for using Philly Sour at this point is to A: try it out for the sake of science, and B: sometimes it does do fine on its own.   

Yeast pitched and away we go

2021-4-28 (+8): Fermentation complete and transferred to keg secondary. And a pH check. Uh oh. basically no sourness. This is even higher than when I repitched for the Cheater Flanders which ended up around 4 pH. It's possible my fermentation room was too cool at 15-16°C while Lallemand recommends 20-25°C for Philly Sour yeast. Looks like I'll be adjusting with lactic acid again. 

2021-5-2 (+12): Last pH check before moving the keg into the keezer. Still about the same so I added 30ml/1oz of lactic acid which seems to have put it where it needs to be sour-wise. There's light smoke on the nose and flavor and the sourness is a pleasant compliment. Actually liking this more than I thought I would. 

2021-5-4 (+14): Sample. This carbed up pretty well in keg secondary so I'm setting it to low and slow at 14psi. 

2021-5-8 (+18): Full pour. The smoke seems to be fading and this might end up as a Berliner Weisse with some subtle smoky complexity. And I'm here for it. This is really delicious! 

2021-6-2 (+43): Adding another sample shot since it has started to clear up. Tasting nice and although the smoke flavor has faded it's still noticeable.