27A - Historical - Roggenbier

BJCP Style: 27A (Historical) - Roggenbier

I think of Roggenbier as a Dunkels Weissbier/Weizen with roggen (rye) instead of weizen (wheat). It has the same basic makeup and I'm using the same Weihenstephaner weizen yeast as I did with the Dunkels Weizen

Because of a mixup with MoreBeer (bonus yeast I didn't order? ok!), they sent me a liquid pack of White Labs WLP300 / "Hefeweizen Ale." For all of my other German wheat beers I have used a dry version from Lallemand: Munich Classic. These should both be the same Weihenstephan 68 strain. 

Like many of the other beers in the historical section of the BJCP list, there are no available commercial examples to compare this to, so here goes!

Full Recipe is on BrewersFriend, but here's the TL;DR:

  • 2021-6-17: Brewday
  • Malts: Rye (50%), Munich, Chocolate
  • Hops: [Magnum] (Styrian Goldings)
  • Yeast: WLP500
  • OG: 13°P; FG: 2.5°P; ABV: 5.6%
  • 2021-6-24 (+7): transferred to keg secondary
  • 2021-7-5 (+18): tapped
I used 2.5kg of pre-milled rye ordered just for this beer, plus 1kg unmilled I had in my grain collection. Everything went through the mill but the pre-milled helped things along since rye is really hard and not so good for the mill. 

Crush looking good

Mash temp

Brew session beer: House IPL DDH'd with Galaxy

grain bag was super goopy. Rye turns into a gelatinous blob when mashed and takes much longer to drain than barley. 

still going...

Floor Manager Steve in a box

Mash finally drained and onto the boil

into the fermenter. This was a quick chill - I took it down to about 45°C or so and will let it chill overnight then pitch yeast tomorrow. 

The yeast

2021-6-18 (+1): Finally chilled down to 22°C so yeast is pitched and away we go.

2021-6-24 (+7): transferred to keg-secondary and took a sample for gravity check. Consistency is viscous and foamy. FG came in at 1.010 or 2.5°P which puts this at 5.6% ABV. It did settle out and I was able to sample a darker, more clear mostly-finished beer. Flavors are about what I expected: classic spicy weizen yeast character. Should be good once chilled and carbonated.   

2021-7-8 (+21): Now that it has had time to settle and carb up a bit this is tasting more like a standard dunkelweizen. I would have to try it side by side with the weizen version to really taste the difference. One big giveaway is the viscosity - this is still a really thick pour, though it's not as apparent when drinking. 

2021-7-12 (+25): Full pour. Fully carbonated and about as clear as it's going to get. 

2021-7-20 (+33): Having a full pour outside. It's clearing up more than I thought it would considering the weizen yeast. Tasting neutral without too much clove or banana.