27A - Kentucky Common

BJCP Style: 27A - (Historical Beer) Kentucky Common

BJCP: "A darker-colored, light-flavored, malt-accented beer with a dry finish and interesting character malt flavors. Refreshing due to its high carbonation and mild flavors, and highly sessionable due to being served very fresh and with restrained alcohol levels."

Full Recipe is on BrewersFriend, but here's the TL;DR

  • 2021-2-20: brew day
  • Malts/Fermentables: CO Proximity base and Munich, Grits, Chocolate
  • Hops: [Magnum] (Sterling)
  • Yeast: SafAle US-05
  • OG: 11.2°P; FG: 2.8°P; ABV 4.5%
  • 2021-2-25: transferred to keg secondary
  • 2021-3-6: moved to keezer (gelatin added 3/7)
CO Proximity base malt, Munich, and a handful of Chocolate for color  


Hops: Magnum at FWH for bittering, Sterling at flameout for flavor. Not a traditional hop for the style (didn't have any Cluster), but a newer American Noble variety. 

1.4kg of Grits!


Floor Manager Steve wants to go outside in his cart.

Cooked Grits! This was more of a pain in the ass than expected. Box said to use 1:4 grits to water and I probably did 1:2 or something - I didn't think it would matter much since it's all going in the mash, but in retrospect this was a mistake. The clumped up grits were difficult to add to the mash and kept splashing up. A more liquid consistency I could have poured in with less hassle. 

Starting mash temp. This did not change after adding the warm cooked grits. 

Brew session beer: House Session Hazy IPA with Citra, Galaxy, and Motueka. Tasty!

Though I have a 2 kettle system, if the grain bill is small enough I'll just mash in the brew kettle then transfer the bag to the mash tun when finished. 

Mash complete - ready to pull the bag

Late in the boil, all set to chill

Ready to chill - outside view

OG came in at 11.2°P - just a couple of points lower than expected. Should end up at 4.5 - 5% ABV; right in line for the style. 

Wort sample: 

Away we go

2021-3-10 (+18): Pretty clear after keg secondary and a couple of days in the keezer. Tasting toasty and malt forward with a clean finish. Already good, but it will improve with another week or so. 

2021-3-15 (+23): I'm calling it. This is done - clear and tasting clean. Getting some breadcrust from the dark munich but it works for me. This is a tasty style but next time I would skip the grits and use flaked maize. Much easier.