21B - Black IPA

BJCP Style: 21B - Specialty IPA - Black IPA

Black IPAs have fallen out of the spotlight after a brief couple of years of popularity around 10 years ago. I remember Avery here in Boulder had one of my favorite examples of the style called New World Porter. Since they publish most of their recipes online, that was a starting point for this brew.

2020-5-8 *note added to recipe: After making a batch of this it's way too bitter at 56. Dropped the FWH to 10g/12 IBUs for a total of ~37 which should be fine even though it's below the 50 IBU minimum for the style.

Full Recipe is on BrewersFriend, but here's the TL;DR
  • 2020-4-25: brewday
  • malts: CO Proximity Pale, Chocolate, CaraPils, C20 (the last two I don't use anymore and needed to use them up. Seemed like a good time to do it)
  • hops: [Magnum] (Simcoe/Centennial) {Simcoe/Citra}
  • Yeast: London III/1318 (house ale)
  • OG: 14°P
  • 2020-4-29 (+3): brix 7 / FG 2.8°P / ABV 6% (might still drop some)
  • 2020-5-3 (+8): kegged. hydrometer 1.010 / 2.5°P / 6.2% ABV (final)
CO Proximity Pale, CaraPils, C20, and Chocolate malts


Mash in

Floor Manager Steve doing his thing

Mash temp

Hops. Going with the standards.

Brew session beer: Eureka Pale Ale. Pretty bitter as I am not used to that hop, was using up the rest of a bag I had in the freezer, and didn't really compensate for the crazy high AA and CoH levels. Drinkable, but more like an "ALL THE IBUs" IPA from the early 2000s.

Spider Bro dropped in after the bag was out. Scooped this guy up and took him outside.

Late hops in. Time to chill.

Steve checking on the chilling process

Away we go

2020-4-28 (+3): dry hops added - should be 168g which is 7g/L. I think the bag was touching the scales and adding a few...

2020-5-3 (+8): hydrometer reading at kegging: 1.010 / 2.5°P which puts the final ABV at 6.2%. Put in keezer under burst carbonation and will add gelatin when changing over to serving pressure.

2020-5-4 (+9): mud! kegged, carbonated, gelatin added. Should start clearing up in a few days. just have to get through the mud layer.

2020-5-5 (+10): gelatin DOES work. also I have 0 patience so kept pouring off samples till it got past the "mud stage." Now it's looking about right and mostly dark. Aroma could be more, but I always say that. Taste is on point and the bitterness is firm but clean.