9C - Baltic Porter

BJCP Style: 9C - Baltic Porter

BJCP: A Baltic Porter often has the malt flavors reminiscent of an English porter and the restrained roast of a schwarzbier, but with a higher OG and alcohol content than either.

Full Recipe is on BrewersFriend but here's the TL;DR
  • 2020-6-14 Brew day
  • malts: Munich II, English Brown, Chocolate, sugar
  • hops: [Magnum] (Saaz)
  • yeast: Wyeast 2112 (Anchor)
  • OG: 15.8°P; FG (brix check): 1.5°P; ABV: 7.7%
  • 2020-6-19: moved to keg for conditioning
  • 2020-6-24: moved to keezer/tapped
kettle fill



Mash temp

Floor Manager Steve


Brew session beer - House Bitter 

Late hops in - ready to chill


Wort sample

Away we go. Yeast is still pretty fresh so almost immediate airlock activity. 

2020-6-19 (+5): fermenter sample. This will go into a keg later today for conditioning.

2020-7-10 (+26): sample with label

2020-7-12 (+28): cask pour action shot

2020-7-12 (+28): half pour

2020-9-23 (+102): This somehow got a bit over-carbonated and I was serving under regular 12psi pressure for a while, though still on N2. Then it calmed down and I switched back to 20psi and aerator (stout spout). Easy drinker for 7% with some nice chocolate character. 

2020-10-18 (+126): Still on! Here's a fancy portrait shot. Hasn't lost anything with time. Still tasting smooth and chocolatey.