20B - American Stout

Style: 20B - American Stout

Standard American Stout. I'm brewing this and a few other American beers for 4th of July and attempting to use all American ingredients where possible.

Full recipe is on BrewersFriend but here's the TL;DR
  • Brewday: 2018-6-10 (2nd brew of the day)
  • Malt: 2-row base, 7% roasted barley, 3% c120, 3% chocolate
  • Hop: Nugget
  • Yeast: SafAle US-05
  • OG 1.062; FG 1.014; ABV 6.3%
  • kegged 2018-6-22
Grains ready for milling


Brewday beer. This was the last pour of the Red Rye IPA

Mash temp

Floor manager Steve had a fight with the rug. Not sure who won that. 


All Nugget hops. 34g at FWH and 60g for 5 min

Hello yeasties. This was split between the stout and amber

And away we go...

2018-6-21: cold crashing in the fridge on the solstice. I needed the Fermonster for an American Porter so the stout got a secondary.

FG ended up high for whatever reason. But we still got 6.3% ABV which is spot on for the style. After temp adjustment this worked out to 1.014. Not terrible but not as low as expected.

Into the keg

Quick nitro-style pour while carbonating. This is getting full carbonation and going on CO2.

Fully carbonated with keezer label

2018-8-12 Full pour. Love the mix of roasty malt and Nugget hops. Saving this as a standard American Stout and plan to do a bigger version as a 'Simperial Stout'