23F - Fruit Lambic

BJCP Style: 23F - Fruit Lambic

Assembled: 2021-8-27

For the base beer see: American Wild/Lambic from March 2021 

If you have a mixed fermentation/lambic sitting around on tap and peach trees outside what do you do? A fruited lambic of course!

I am using about 600g of sliced peaches right off the tree in 4L of mixed fermentation from the tap. This will be the 3rd fermentation.


Decent size. These are ripening on the tree currently. As in, we've been pulling soft and juicy peaches off the tree and they're delicious. 

Slice and Dice

I forgot to weigh the peaches and added a little bit of beer but not too much. Going with 600g-ish.

Away we go. I'll give this a month or so and see where it goes.