16A - Sweet Stout

BJCP Style: 16A - Sweet Stout

I refuse to put evil lactose in anything and according to BJCP:
The sweetness in most Sweet Stouts comes from a lower bitterness level than most other stouts and a high percentage of unfermentable dextrins.
So I kept the IBUs low and added some crystal 120 to give it some extra sweetness.

This brew was somewhat of an emergency as the previous nitro stout kicked and I didn't have anything to go in its spot.

Full recipe is on BrewersFriend, but here's the TL;DR:
  • Brewday: 2019-6-29
  • Malts: MO, c120, Chocolate, Black Barley
  • Hop: Nugget
  • Yeast: Wyeast 1318
  • OG: 14.2°P (75% efficiency); FG 3°P; ABV 6%
  • Kegged: 2019-7-6 (+7)

finishing off my brewday almond milk (did I mention that I hate lactose?) latte and keeping an eye on the mash temp as it heats up to 70°C.


mash temp right on target

using the latest technology in brewing science... a stick.

bag out. ready to start up the boil

FW Hops in - this got 20g of Nugget

moving into the brew session beer: Tivoli's Bo Pils. Pretty solid pils!

ready to chill

Floor Manager Steve

Away we go! Since this went on an active yeast cake I'm hoping it finishes out in a week so I can keg next weekend. Bubbles!

2019-7-6 (+7): kegged. Hit FG after only 4 days. Gave it a couple more to settle out. added gelatin to the keg to speed things up a bit.

2019-7-6 (+7): hydrometer check. Got 3.3°P via refractometer and 3°P (1.012) via hydrometer - pretty close.

2019-7-6 (+7): sample + label

2019-7-6 (+7): carbonated with label

2019-7-9 (+10): fancy portrait shot (pixel 3). Getting darker and cleaner. Tasting smooth and chocolaty.