9A - Doppelbock - Benderator

BJCP Style: 9A - Doppelbock

I've had Doppelbock on the brain since making all the Oktoberfest beers back in June and July. Then I tried Ayinger's Celebrator and went from thinking about Doppelbock to some kind of obsession with the style. Now that we're getting into winter, there's snow on the ground, temps are chilly, Big Beer Season is here... the time is right.

This was designed as a SMaSH brew using only Munich light (6L) and Magnum hops for the bittering addition. Yeast is my standard house strain, SafLager W34/70.

Full recipe is on BrewersFriend but here's the TL;DR
  • Brewday: 2018-11-17
  • Malt: Weyermann Munich light; 6L
  • Hop: [German Magnum]
  • Yeast: SafLager W34/70 (Weihenstephaner)
  • OG: 1.074, FG: 1.015, ABV: 7.8%
  • Kegged: 2018-12-7
100% Munich going through the mill

Mash temp

Brew session beer: River North's entry into the Haze Game. And like everything else they do, it's damn good. 

9kg of grain + about 12L of retained liquid = Really Heavy. Not as bad as the Imperial Stout though. And I was able to get it from one vessel to the other.

Floor Manager Steve hanging out in the Kitty Kondo

Boiling the things

Into the fermenter

Yeast is a saved slurry from Sapporo SMaSH that was recently kegged

And away we go

2018-12-7 (+21): FG check during kegging. Came out to 1.014/15 which works out to 7.8% ABV.

2018-12-8 (+22): kegged, gelatin added, carbonated. Now we wait a few weeks for it to clear and lager.
Keezer label with sample pour. Pretty hazy but give it some time...

2018-12-11 (+25): most of the crud has settled out and it's starting to clear even 3 days after kegging

2018-12-18 (+32): sample - clearing some

2018-12-29 (+43): almost clear...

2019-1-11 (+56): fully lagered. Clean and crisp for a 100% Munich Doppelbock. Brilliant amber color, much lighter than most examples but still fits in the guidelines.

2019-1-16 (+61) - fully lagered 2. Stange edition