17C - Wee Heavy (blend)

Style: 17C - Wee Heavy

Impermanence blends are made from the leftovers from kegging. I make 24L batches and the kegs hold 19L. For less hoppy beers I'll usually have around 4L left after filling the keg, so they get saved for the next blend. The leftovers are stored in 1G plastic containers then blended in a 2.5G keg that sits on the shelf in the keezer.

This one is a cheat since I blended a few things together and by complete chance ended up with something closely resembling a Wee Heavy. I'll re-make it based on an original recipe at some point, but for now the Impermanence version is a pretty good example of the style.

Impermanence 9 Blend:
  • Brewed anywhere from 2018-8-12 (kellerbier) to 2018-10-6 (AmeriHelles and Brown) 
  • OG: ??, FG: ??, ABV (averaged based on component beers): 7%
  • Primary base malts: Maris Otter (brown), Pilsner
  • Bittering hop: Magnum
  • Yeasts: K-97, S-04, US-05, W34/70 - yep. every beer in the blend had a different yeast!
  • Kegged: 2018-10-17
Since there's no process pics for this, I'll just post the component beers in their final forms.

Bière de Garde / 4L / 40%
Contributions: caramel, toffee (8.5% ABV)

AmerUKan Brown AKA Browncoat  / 4L / 40%
Contributions: dark malt, molasses (5.5% ABV)

AmeriHelles / 1G / 10%
Contributions: lightens flavors and color (ABV: 6%)

Kellerbier / 1G / 10%
Contributions: lightens flavors and color, slight hop character (ABV: 5%)

All together now - sample with label

2018-10-31 sample

2018-11-6: was already clear so nothing has changed appearance-wise. But here's a similar pic where the color is more apparent. Taste is changing gradually. I'm tasting less of the individual components and more of the unified blend. That may be 100% on my side but there it is. I like it better than the current state of the Bière de Garde.