7B - Altbier

Style: 7B - Altbier

Since I enjoyed the CA Common so much, I only made minor adjustments to the recipe for this amber ale from Düsseldorf. Unfortunately that wasn't one of our stops on our trip to Germany last year, though we did go to Köln (Cologne) for Kölsch research. Guess we'll have to make another trip to Germany!

Traditionally Altbier was served from a cask, which means lower carbonation and warmer cellar temps (12°C). I don't have a cellar or cask, and the keezer temp is closer to 5°C. but I can do nitro which was invented to replicate the cask experience and still keep the beer fresh for months.

Full recipe is on BrewersFriend, but here's the TL;DR:
  • Brewday: 2018-8-12
  • Malts: Bohemian Pils, Munich, Chocolate, Crystal 60
  • Hops: [Magnum] (Spalt)
  • Yeast: SafAle K-97
  • OG: 1.052; FG 1.010; ABV 5.5%
  • kegged: 2018-9-8
Malts: Chocolate, C-60, Pils + Munich

Crushed. I spent some time getting the MonsterMill dialed in before this batch. I adjusted the roller a little at a time until the crush looked right: not too coarse with whole kernels making it through, and not too powdery like flour. 

Brewday beer: 4 Noses Perfect Drift, German Pils. I didn't have any altbier on hand. Guess I'll make some...

Mash temp

This batch got some water adjustments in the mash to bring my Denver profile closer to that of Düsseldorf: 8g CaCO3 and 4g NaCl

Loving The Brew Bag - perfect fit and super fine mesh. 

Floor Manager Steve on the job


I haven't been adding WhirlFloc because it doesn't do anything for post-fermentation clarity, but wow does it make a clear wort. I remembered to throw in a tablet for this batch with obvious results.

And a wort sample

Into the fermenter

SafAle K-97. I had a US-05 slurry in the fridge I could have used but I wanted to go with a traditional German ale strain.

And K-97 is a BEAST. It starts early and is ANGRY. Airlock activity after just a couple of hours from a dry pitch.

2018-9-8 (+27) Kegged - nitro sample

2018-9-12 (+31) Nitro Stange pour. Hard to see in the pic because dark beer + condensation, but it's mostly clear. Tasting better every day. Malty but not too sweet. Clean finish and smooth drinking nitro/cask style.

2018-9-29 (+48) half pint pour - really liking this and will add it to my standard recipe list. Nice malty presence without too much sweetness. Perfectly clear and the color is spot on. Very well balanced and super drinkable.

2018-11-9 (+89): last pour! was great up to the end. definitely a keeper.