30C - Winter Seasonal: Olde Fashioned Barleywine

BJCP Style: 30C - Winter Seasonal

This is an Olde Fashioned variant of the house barleywine with maple syrup, orange zest, and bourbon-soaked oak spirals. 

Full Recipe is on BrewersFriend but here's the TL;DR:

  • 2020-10-25: Brewday
  • Malts: Maris Otter, C120
  • Hops: [Nugget] (Centennial)
  • Yeast: Imperial Juice (G3) / London III
  • Other stuff: Maple syrup (1L added to late boil), Orange zest (16g late boil/flameout, more to be added later via bourbon tincture), Bourbon-soaked oak spirals
  • OG: 21°P; FG: 7°P; ABV (+bourbon): 8%
  • 2020-10-31 (+6): moved to keg-secondary, added oak spiral
  • 2020-11-1 (+7): added more zest to bourbon (2 oranges)
  • 2020-11-8 (+14): moved to keezer and added zested/oaked bourbon
Grains: Maris Otter and Crystal 120 

Filled up the 7G mill bucket

Mash temp

Floor Manager Steve working hard

Hops: Nugget at FW and Centennial late boil/flameout. Since I'm going for fruity/orange flavors Centennial seemed like a good pick.

Late additions: 1L Maple Syrup and 16g of orange zest (2 oranges)

This will be generation 3 on this batch of Imperial Juice 

Wort sample

OG looking like 21°P

Not a lot of headspace - I forgot to account for the extra liter of maple syrup so definitely need the blow-off. 

Oak spirals were added to some Old Forester 86 earlier in the week. 

2020-11-1 (+7): this finished much higher than expected. I guess that extra degree in the mash made a huge difference. Still ended up at 8% but should have been 9+. Hydrometer looking like 1.028 or 7°P. Yes this is only day 7 but I checked a few days later and it hadn't changed. 

2020-11-17 (+23): Sample. This is coming together nicely. The flavors were a bit harsh at first but with time it is mellowing out. Still not fully conditioned but tasting of oak, orange, malty sweetness, and a touch of bourbon. Looking forward to tasting it as it develops.