3B - Czech Premium Pale Lager

Style: 3B - Czech Premium Pale Lager

I've always enjoyed Pilsner Uquell which is the go-to definition of Czech Premium Lager. Going for a bigger malt presence than a German pils by adding some Munich to the malt bill while keeping a solid bitterness profile and plenty of Saaz hops.

Full recipe is on brewersfriend.com but here's the TL;DR
  • Brew day: 2018-2-11
  • Malts: Bohemian Pilsner, Munich (9%)
  • Hops: [Magnum] (Saaz)
  • 40 IBUs
  • OG: 1.048; FG: 1.011; ABV 4.9%
  • Kegged 2018-3-1
Mash temp


Refractometer reading


2018-3-4: Kegged 3-1, still a little hazy but should be hitting its stride in a couple of weeks. The bitterness is nice and clean and the malty flavor of the Munich is subtle but detectable. Next time I might bump up the percentage a bit.

2018-3-10: stange pour. Mostly clear

2018-4-11: 2 months from brewday. Saved a pint in the fridge and of course it's the best pour of the batch. Clean lager character, nice hop flavor and aroma - more than any pour from the keg this tastes like Pilsner Urquell. Next time I need to leave it alone for 2 months.