21A - Red Rye IPA

Style: 21A - Specialty IPA - Red IPA, Rye IPA

Smaller version of Hoppy Holidays with a lot of the same ingredients and hops.

BJCP Red IPA: Hoppy, bitter, and moderately strong like an American IPA, but with some caramel, toffee, and/or dark fruit malt character.

BJCP Rye IPA: A decidedly hoppy and bitter, moderately strong American pale ale, showcasing modern American and New World hop varieties and rye malt.

Full recipe is on brewersfriend.com but here's the TL;DR
  • brew day: 2018-3-31
  • fermentables: 2-row, crystal 120, c60, chocolate malt, flaked rye, sugar
  • hops: ([Simcoe]) {Simcoe, Chinook, Eureka}
  • yeast: SafAle S-04
  • kegged: 2018-4-14

Flaked Rye - I ran out so the final product will not have as much rye character as planned

Mash temp

Brewday brew!


Final brix after sugar adjustment (efficiency was way low). This worked out to 1.059, 60% efficiency. 

Rehydrating a fresh pack of S-04

And away we go...

240g dry hops (10g/L) added at brewday +9: Simcoe, Chinook, and Eureka

2018-4-15: kegged and carbonated