3C - Czech Amber Lager

BJCP Style: 3C - Czech Amber Lager

Since making a bunch of Czech beer last year I used up all my Saaz hops. This one uses Sterling as a substitute which is supposed to have a similar profile. Other than that it should be on-style for a Czech amber lager.

Full recipe is on BrewersFriend but here's the TL;DR
  • Brew day: 2019-1-21
  • Malts: Pils, Munich, crystal 120, chocolate
  • Hops: [Magnum] (Sterling)
  • Yeast: 3rd generation slurry of W34/70 (Weihenstephaner)
  • OG: 11.8°P (1.048); FG: 2.2°P; ABV 5.1%
  • Kegged: 2019-2-2

Grains crushed! 

Mash temp

Mash complete - bag draining

Floor Manager Steve doing his thing

Hop weigh-in. Magnum for FWH, Sterling (on scale) for 5 minutes at end of boil

FWH in, heating up to boil

...and boil

Chiller in, and 3g/L (72g) Sterling hops

Into the fermenter

Wort sample. looks like an amber.

OG reading - somewhere between 11.8 and 12. Hit the expected efficiency of 70%. 

And away we go!

2019-2-3 (+14): Kegged and carbonated. Tasting nice and pretty clear for only 2 weeks.

2019-2-7 (+18): Getting more clear and darker

2019-2-16 (+37): And we're clear!