11A - Ordinary Bitter - Goldings Bitter

Style: 11A - Ordinary Bitter

I've probably made this style more than any other. I usually go with a 50/50 mix of Northern Brewer and Cascade at 5 minutes, but this time I wanted to use the traditional 'East Kent Goldings' or EKG. Turns out EKG is somewhat hard to come by and expensive, so I got some US Goldings which from what I've read is indistinguishable in flavor.

Full recipe is on BF, but here's the TL;DR
  • Brew day: 2018-3-4
  • Malts: Maris Otter, Crystal 120 (5%)
  • Hops: Nugget, US Goldings
  • Yeast: SafAle S-04
  • OG: 1.038, FG: 1.011, ABV: 3.5%
  • Kegged: 2018-3-14
Mash temp

Hops: Nugget (bittering) and Goldings (flavor/aroma)

Boil action shot

Yeast saved from English IPA

Added to the Fermonster

In goes the wort

And away we go!

2018-3-14: Kegged. This was very hazy when I put it in the fridge to cold crash. After 3 days and some gelatin it's going into the keg crystal clear.

2018-3-14: ...and carbed. I gave it 6hrs at 40psi CO2, then switched to 75/25 Nitro mix at 30psi.

2018-3-17 Full pour

2019-12: A few batches later... dialing in the recipe. This  is  1318 yeast and cascade hops. A previous version was Challenger which I think I'll go back to next time.