Brewing All the BJCP Styles

UPDATE: This project now has its own page with all the styles listed with links to BJCP descriptions and brew posts as they become available.

I'm reviving this blog from the dead in order to track a new project:
brewing all the BJCP styles, one at a time, and recording my experiences.

The rules/guidelines are still evolving but here's what I have so far:
  • must follow the style as close as possible. no modifications or "unique twists" to the beer
  • each style will have its own recipe (posted on Brewer's Friend as well as a TL;DR in the post) and blog post with pics of the process and finished product
  • the styles will be brewed in order, and for beers I normally make like IPA, Bitter, or Pils, I'll make a new batch and record the process just like every other new one
Exciting right? So what's the first beer on the list? Oh. Hmmm...